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AT09 Vape CBD/THC Oil Full Ceramic Cartridge Manufacturer Full Ceramic No Heavy Metal with Pure Taste and Big Vapor

Short Description:

We supply AT09 Vape CBD/THC/Delta 8 or 9 disposable vape cartridges. It’s big vapor and pure taste assure a quality experience.  We have a knowledgeable sales staff that can guide you to the products best suited for your needs and are always there to help along your journey.  We sell only the highest quality products . Which In turn gives our customers the best possible experience.  At alphagreen , our mission is to supply our customers with the highest quality products on the market today and to assure those same customers that alphagreen offers the best service in the market .   We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

  • F0B Price: US $0.93 - 1.5 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 300,000 Pieces / Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: T/T, PayPal, L/C, D/A, D/P
  • Product Detail

    As a manufacturer of vape hardware in China, we have the most professional GMP work-shop. We offer not only high quality different types of cartridge but also new types disposable vape pen. We are constantly developing new products. We provide OEM/ODM service for our clients, you could be one of them as a white label client. What’s more, 5-Stars customer service is our growth engine in CBD vape industry in the long-term. Except cartridge and vape pen, we also provide vape accessories and customized packages.


    1. Product Introduction of the AT09 CBD/THC Vape Cartridge

    AT09 is made by all ceramic, including tip, central post and ceramic coil. We use our special ceramic formula, Pyrex glass tank and other ceramic material to keep the original taste of your oil. No heavy metal to keep your health. The colorful AT09 type is made with glazing process, DO NOT need to care about the health problem!

    Nowadays, many customer don’t want to use metal as the central post. People wondering if it will take some bad substance when the cartridge is heating. That’s the reason why we made this AT09 full ceramic cartridge. The temperature resistance of ceramic is very high. ( That’s why most of the cartridge coil made with ceramic )

    In addition, ceramic is more beautiful than metal one. We can even custom your logo on the central post. Change the color of central post and tip. Help you to do your own AT09 all ceramic carts.


    2. Product Parameter ( Specification ) of the  AT09 CBD/THC Vape Cartridge

    Product Name

     CBD/THC vape cartridge/ AT09


       Full Ceramic/Pyrex glass/Ceramic coil

    Tank Capacity



    D 10.5mm & L 54.2/64.2mm    

    Oil intake hole

    2*1.0mm/1.5mm/2.0mm(Custom Size)

    Tip type

    Screw on








    3. Product Feature and Application of the AT09 CBD/THC Vape Cartridge

    ——Full Ceramic No Heavy Metal, leadfree type.

    ——Suit for different types of CBD/THC oil.

    ——510 Standard.

    ——Colorful Tip and Central Post, Glazing Technology.

    ——Special Ceramic Formula

    ——Support OEM/ODM Services


    4. Production Details of the AT09 CBD/THC Vape Cartridge

    ① Easily inject the THC or CBD oil, 0.5ml & 1.0ml tank capacity.

    ② Full ceramic design, glazing tip and central post for choosing.

    ③ All ceramic design gives you the most pure taste experience.

    ④ Custom logo or color for the all ceramic carts, gives you visual enjoyment.

    ⑤ Purest Taste, keep the original taste of your oil.


    The role of ceramic atomizers in electronic cigarettes:

    E-cigarette is a kind of atomizer driven by rechargeable lithium polymer battery. E-cigarette is less harmful to human body than traditional cigarettes. There is no open flame involved in the process of producing smoke. At the same time, the smoke produced is water. Steam, there are no hundreds of harmful substances such as the tar produced by the burning of traditional cigarettes.

    Electronic cigarettes are widely used in ceramic materials in the atomizer position as direct contact and heating elements. As the core component of electronic cigarettes, atomizers are more important to replace suitable ceramic heating elements. Compared with traditional cotton core heating, ceramic heating can increase the amount of atomized vapor by 25% and has better continuity. While improving the heating effect, it can save 20% of the electric energy and extend the battery life of the electronic cigarette device.

    The ceramic heating element is a new generation of medium and low temperature heating element produced by directly printing resistance screen on porous ceramics, baking and hardening the circuit at high temperature, and then processing the electrodes and leads. It is a new generation of medium and low temperature heating elements that are widely mixed with smoke oil. 

    AT09 Vape CBDTHC Oil Full Ceramic Cartridge Manufacturer Full Ceramic No Heavy Metal with Pure Taste and Big Vapor  (2) AT09 Vape CBDTHC Oil Full Ceramic Cartridge Manufacturer Full Ceramic No Heavy Metal with Pure Taste and Big Vapor  (3)

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